Baby’s Day Out: Get a Stroller!

Things have been good lately. I have managed to stick to my workout schedule of spending at least 30 minutes per day doing cardio. Apart from a few moments of weaknesses, I have also refrained from ordering in junk food. I plan to check my weight once every week. That way I don’t get too caught up on every ounce I lose or gain. Will keep you guys posted on my weight loss progress in the posts to come.

Yesterday, my friend Chloe dropped by with her 7-month-old girl, Sophia. She was the one who recommended a special ointment for treating diaper rashes. I was always impressed by how well she maintained her shape during and after her pregnancy. She now has a body that can rock the cover of any fitness magazine. When I first met her, she was in her third trimester and even then I remember her with toned arms, legs, and butt. While we were chatting, the subject of my weight loss attempt came up. She told me how she continued to work out all throughout her pregnancy barring the last few weeks. While she increased her overall caloric intake when she was pregnant, she made sure those calories came from healthy sources. For me, that ship has already sailed and docked. We worked up a deal to go for a morning walk every day with our girls. Let’s see that goes.

I remember the first time I took Jen outside. She was around a month old and we were under-prepared, to say the least. For all new mommies out there, trust me when I say you need a stroller. It’s not a luxury, it’s just something you and your baby needs. I learned that the hard way when I decided it was time to introduce Jen to the outside world.

It was supposed to be a lazy walk around the neighborhood with my entire family. Yes, the dog too. My husband was walking the dog while I was holding Jen. Like any good horror story, things escalated from bad to nightmarish pretty quickly. A few minutes into our walk, Jen decided that she didn’t like the outside air and she made it a point to let us know about it. Breaking the beautiful morning silence her cries echoed across the neighborhood. I was carrying a bag with a pacifier, but I realized it was not going to be easy getting it out.  My two arms were already fully occupied holding Jen while the bag hung from my shoulder. Mark, my husband was holding on to Ciro’s leash with one hand and a doggie poop bag with the other. After careful switching of hands, we managed to get the pacifier out. By the time the pacifier worked its magic, I was exhausted and I started getting cramps on my legs. The pain was so intense that I literally had to sit down on one my neighbor’s lawn with Jen on my lap. “I think it’s enough walk for one day”, I remember Mark telling me before he ran back home and got the car to rescue me and Jen. Now I know how important it is to keep the hands free while outside with Jen. Freaked by the incident, my husband went out and bought a stroller and baby carrier the very same day.

While I love the carrier, the stroller is much more comfortable. With all the hidden pouches and sleeves it comes with a great deal of storage space for baby stuff. I prepare a kit for outside which includes diapers, diaper rash ointment jar, baby wipes, a bottle of hand sanitizer, an extra set of clothes, a pacifier, and a water bottle. The stroller has enough space to house all of these items, leaving my hands free.

I will continue sharing more mommie stories and things I have learned as a new mother. I would also love to hear your motherhood stories and learn from your experiences. Feel free to share them in the comments section below.