Lesson Learned: Never Buy Too Many Baby Clothes

If there is one thing you need to know about Jen, my 3-months-old baby girl is that she can sleep through a hurricane. When I first brought her home from the hospital, I was prepared to put in hours singing lullabies to get her to sleep every day. Boy, was I wrong! I realized that she didn’t care for any stimulus or ‘sleeping aid’ to be able to fall asleep. The first few weeks we hushed and tiptoed around her while she slept. I discovered her sleeping superpower when Ciro, my labrador retriever decided to have a heated debate with one of my neighbor’s dogs. Maybe they were discussing politics, but the barking went on for hours. In the midst of the canine quarrel, I found Jen sleeping literally and figuratively ‘like a baby’. Months later, now I know that I can vacuum or even speak on the phone without waking her up. That’s one gift mommy really appreciates. Her love for snoozing for extended periods of time has also allowed me to focus on things I love like writing a blog.

On to current events, I ordered a diaper rash ointment a few days back and it arrived today. This particular product by High Street Formulas worked really well in controlling a nasty rash situation, one of my friend’s baby was suffering from. I was under the impression that the ointment is only good for treating nappy rashes. However, the pack clearly says ‘relieves and prevents rashes’. So, I have decided to apply a dab whenever I change Jen’s nappies. Hey! better safe than sores.

I also decided to clear out some closet space to make room for new baby clothes. This is one department where we definitely goofed up. Excited to welcome our first baby, my husband Mark and I went on a shopping spree back when I was pregnant. We went shopping at baby stores and ordered stuff online. Every store we visited we ended up buying dozens of baby clothes labelled ‘0 to 3 months’. If you are an experienced mother then you can already see the flaw in this plan. Combined with the stuff we bought and the things we were gifted, we ended up with more baby clothes than there were days leading up to 3 months. Jen has now outgrown almost all the baby clothes she has and there are more than a few she hasn’t even worn once. What a waste. As an act of redemption, I decided to pack all the unworn clothes and drop it off at a Goodwill center nearby.

Here’s what I learned from this experience. Buying clothes that are a few sizes larger is the best way to save money and get maximum utilization from each baby garment. Jen is 3 months old and she can comfortably wear clothes that are labelled 6-9 months. These clothes are obviously a little loose, but not by a great margin. So, we decided to skip buying any clothes labelled 3-6 months and stock up on outfits that are for 6-9 month old babies. Considering the fact that labels can be deceiving, I plan to carry along a dress that currently fits her well to the store for comparing sizes. My point is, even if I end up buying a dress that’s too large she will eventually grow into them. However, I do need to work on my impulse to over-shop. Instead of one giant shopping day, I will probably buy a few clothes at a time. I also plan to keep on donating to Goodwill as Jen grows out of each dress size.

One of my friends recently told me about tag-less clothes for babies. She usually buys clothes made from organic cotton with no tags or labels. According to her, tags can lead to skin irritation on the back of the baby’s neck. That’s something to keep in mind when I go clothes shopping for Jen in a few days. While it’s always easier to shop online, I make it a point to walk to the baby store and back. I consider myself lucky because there is a Baby Gap, located at a nice walking distance from my home. This is my feeble attempt to shed some pregnancy weight.

In my next post, I will probably talk about everything I am doing to get back in shape. I also plan to share more stories from my life and Jen’s.