Choosing Baby Diaper Cream & More: New Parent Advice and Answers

Becoming a parent is a bit like being handed a reference book full of questions without any answers. And yes, it may be the Age Of The Internet, which means we all have access to millions upon billions of pages of information — but do you have time to sort through all of that when your baby is crying and you have no idea what’s wrong? More importantly, most new parents don’t have the time to sort through all the online search results to figure out which sources are trustworthy and which aren’t worth your valuable time. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by questions, well, you’re not alone! That’s a pretty constant state for parents with new babies. A good starting point for better advice is parents who have been just where you are. At High Street Formulas, we want to help you find the best products, tips, and answers to help you raise your baby well. Start with these stellar bloggers for advice and information:


Hello Hannah Cho

Hannah Cho is an online blogger, YouTuber, and new mom. On her blog Hello Hannah Cho, she discusses everything from her experiences with sleep training to her thoughts on and concerns about raising a mixed-race baby in the face of judgmental commentary. Cho offers an honest and open accounting of her experiences as a new mother, so if you’re looking for solidarity to go with your baby diaper cream advice, check out her site.

Doctor Mommy, MD

Have you ever wondered whether doctors take their own advice? Well, meet Shelly, the power behind Doctor Mommy, MD. As she says in her bio, she is a “brand spankin’ new wife, doctor, and mama-to-be” — though, recent posts show that her baby boy has since been born. Check out her posts for everything from fitness advice to parenting information based in her experience as a physician.

Outfits & Outings

Some new moms hardly seem like they’re experiencing parenthood, they look so put together. Instead of struggling with jealousy, get tips on balancing motherhood with living your best life. It is possible to have a baby without looking like a hot mess, and Lauren J. Parry of Outfits & Outings shares her experiences for finding the fine balance.

The Mommy Doctor

Speaking of having it all… The Mommy Doctor is another great blog source for those who want advice on balancing work, marriage, and parenthood. The Mommy Doctor also offers her advice on everything from choosing products like baby diaper cream and sunscreen to navigating the information you get from “doctor Google.” As an actively practicing physician, her blogs can provide a great insider view of many common parenthood concerns.

A Helping Hand (Virtually)

Parenthood generally comes with more questions than answers. Get answers to your questions or simply find a bit of solidarity with other new parents who are experiencing the same sorts of struggles. And, for baby care products you know you can trust, start with High Street Formulas. See why new parents rave about our specially formulated baby diaper cream and make the switch today!