Mommy Blog Spotlight: Doctor Mommy, MD

Whether you’re barely into your first trimester or you’re already dealing with sleepless nights and other new parent struggles, parenthood can be pretty darn overwhelming. You’ve no doubt got a million questions, and Google has a million and two answers! But, well, some of those answers are less than helpful. So how do you wade through and choose the right information? Your baby is counting on you, and that can feel like a lot of pressure. Take away some of the worry with trustworthy and honest advice to help you along the path of parenthood. At High Street Formulas, we want to help ease the burdens of parenthood, whether that means creating a better baby diaper cream or helping you find sage parenting advice. That’s why we’re spotlighting one of our favorite mom bloggers!


Doctor & Mother

Shelly, the driving force behind Doctor Mommy, MD is one of our favorite resources for new parents specifically because she’s both a doctor and a new mother herself! Just about every new parent has wished for a doctor in their back pocket at one point or another. Shelly’s blog is about as close as you can get! She’s a Sports Medicine and Family Medicine doctor, so she knows what she’s talking about when it comes to the advice she doles out. And, she’s also a new mom to a sweet baby boy, so you can bet she’s had some experience practicing what she teaches. As she reminds her readers, health concerns aren’t the same across the board, so it’s always a good idea to consult your physician. That being said, Doctor Mommy, MD is a good place to start for a wide range of different health- and parenthood-related advice.


Health, Fitness, Motherhood

Shelly is a self-professed crossfitter and focuses on whole-body health. On her blog, she shares recipes for health and baby-safe foods for those who are pregnant or still nursing. She also uses her own experiences in fitness and medicine to answer questions about things like how to exercise safely while pregnant. Being both a mother and a doctor allows her a unique perspective and means she offers some pretty great advice to take you through pregnancy and help you as your baby grows.

Reviews & Opinions

The other key thing Shelly offers to readers is her opinions. And, since she’s got a medical degree and experience backing her up, her opinions are pretty trustworthy! Explore her posts for everything from her thoughts on nursery design to choosing a good baby diaper cream. She also keeps some pretty extensive Pinterest boards to help you find some of her favorite products and ideas — which are great when you don’t have time to read through blog after blog.


As parents, we know you want what’s best for your baby. Start with great advice from trustworthy sources, and bolster that knowledge with products you know are great. Explore what makes High Street Formulas stand out from other baby diaper cream options and shop online to experience the difference for yourself!