Mommy Blog Spotlight: Hello Hannah Cho

When your baby spent the night crying — again! — and you and your partner haven’t had a minute’s sleep in what feels like years, parenthood probably seems about as far from glamorous as it gets. And, well, you’ve probably been told a time or two that your experience is on par with any other new parent. When you’re exhausted and feel like you’re drowning, solidarity is good, but actual, helpful advice is even better! That’s why we here at High Street Formulas are shining the light on a few of our favorite mommy blogs. Get support and helpful advice to help you through the rough patches from someone who has actually been there!


Meet Hannah Cho

One of our favorite mom-bloggers out there is Hannah Cho, a YouTuber, Instagrammer, and blogger. And, more importantly for most of you new parents, Cho is a member of the Yelp Elite Squad, which means she has a major focus on providing honest reviews of goods and services. For all of you overwhelmed parents out there, Cho’s honesty and open explanations can help you get a good idea about what to expect from a great many different things you’ll find useful as parents. Yes, that includes some restaurant reviews, but her blog, YouTube channel, and Yelp reviews also include her thoughts on a wide range of different baby-friendly activities and products.


Solidarity & Sage Advice

One of our favorite things about Hannah Cho’s blogs and videos is that she doesn’t mince words. Sure, her Instagram account may be filled with some truly precious photos of her baby girl, but it’s not all about the superficial. Cho, who is a Korean American, is just as likely to delve into her thoughts about raising a biracial child and dealing with racism as she is to share photos of her daughter dressed as a strawberry (which she’s done. It’s precious!). If you’re going through it, odds are good Cho has been there too. And even better, she’s probably got a post or a video talking about her experiences and offering advice based on what she’s learned!

Product Advice

As we mentioned, Cho has a strong presence as an online reviewer. Not only is she one of the Yelp Elite Squad, but she’s got dozens of videos posted on YouTube in which she discusses her thoughts on the different products she’s used, both for herself and for her daughter. Her reviews include things like her thoughts on choosing a medicated diaper rash cream or how well the ubiquitous Boppy has worked for her and her baby. Want to know the honest truth? See what this new mom has to say and enjoy a side of humor to boot!


Help You Can Trust

One of the hardest parts about living in the Internet Age is the time it takes to wade through all those search results to find a few trustworthy options — especially when it comes to product reviews. At High Street Formulas, we want to help you find both advice and baby products you can trust. That’s why we’re upfront about what goes into our medicated diaper rash. Learn more about what makes our product the best baby rash cream and grab yours online!