Mommy Blog Spotlight: Outfits And Outings

Have you ever seen someone who is obviously a new mother walking down the street looking incredibly put together? As you sit there with your hair up in a bun for the third day running and spit up down your front because you couldn’t find your burp cloth, it’s pretty easy to jump to jealousy. For all that the put-together new mom sounds like a mythical unicorn, they do exist! And, with a few tips and tricks, you can get closer to put-together yourself! Here at the High Street Formulas team, we want to help you along the path of parenthood as much as possible, and sometimes that means advice on how to wash your hair more than once a week without leaving your infant unattended. If you’ve been looking for help balancing parenthood and the rest of life, check out one of our favorite mom bloggers!


Yes Margaret, You Can Have It All

The idea of “having it all” looks different from one person to the next, but whatever that idea looks like to you, there’s no denying how appealing it can be. Lauren J. Parry, the mind behind the Mom Life blog Outfits & Outings shows that it is possible to be a mother to a young one and still look perfectly polished and put together. Her blog has become a sort of how-to guide full of advice and handy tips for how to balance being a wife, caring for her son, and fitting in time to take care of herself — and, more recently, managing all of that while pregnant with her second child.


Lifestyle Advice For Busy Moms

The core focus of Outfits & Outings is Parry’s experiences in finding ways to balance all the different aspects of life that many new moms struggle with — essentially, her guide to “having it all” as she sees it. Parry’s blogs touch on everything from fitness advice to fashion suggestions both during pregnancy and after. Her advice is all about helping you find the time to raise your baby, spend time with your spouse, and even squeeze in a little “me time,” which all new moms know is nearly impossible to find.

Thoughtful Product Reviews

One of the other big focal areas for Parry is helping you find the right products to make life a bit easier. That may mean reviews for different skincare products so you can enjoy clear, bright skin without worrying about makeup, or it might be her suggestions for choosing a medicated diaper rash cream that actually helps soothe and heal your baby’s sore bum. As you flip through the pictures and posts on Outfits & Outings, it’s clear that Parry has found a way to balance all the different aspects of her life. Take a leaf out of her book and use her experience-based advice to help you balance everything happening in your life.

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