Mommy Blog Spotlight: The Mommy Doctor

As a new parent, how often do you find yourself wishing you had a doctor on speed dial so you could just call them up and ask, “Is this normal?” or, “What do you recommend for ___?” It can often feel like you’d not only have a healthier baby, but also be more successful parents if you could just get every question answered by a doctor (or other trustworthy source). Here at High Street Formulas, we understand that feeling! We want to help you not just care for your baby by making the best baby diaper cream, we want to help you find helpful answers to every question you have. That’s why we’re spotlighting some of our favorite mom blogs, run by real parents who have been just where you are. When you seek parenting advice backed by a strong knowledge of medicine, we recommend The Mommy Doctor.


Motherhood & Medicine

Most parents have, at one point or another, wished for an easy way to get advice from a pediatrician. Whether it’s a newly developed cough or diaper rash that just won’t go away, your pediatrician should be your go-to source for medical questions. Sadly, they usually aren’t available at 3 a.m., which sends most parents to “Doctor Google.” Thanks to The Mommy Doctor, you can find trustworthy information about all sorts of different concerns. This blog is run by Mindy Calandro, a practicing pediatrician and mother of three, so the information she provides is colored by both of those roles.


Common Questions Answered

As she says in her bio, Calandro’s aim in starting up The Mommy Doctor is to, “help parents ensure that their children reach their full potential in all areas of life.” Pretty admirable, right? She does this by answering questions and providing advice aimed at a lot of common child-rearing concerns. The Mommy Doctor is a great resource for new parents in particular because she takes the time to explain the medically pertinent information for a lot of questions and concerns. Of course, Calandro is also a mom, so her posts are tinged with the humor and experience that comes from being a mother of three.

Recommendations From Experience

Along with all of your questions, you’ve probably wanted to ask your baby’s doctor for recommendations on everything, including which baby diaper cream to choose and whether one teething toy is better than another. The Mommy Doctor has a whole subsection of her blog that details some of her favorite products and explains why they’re so great. Unsure whether you should swaddle your baby or not? See what she has to say.


Parenting is a never-ending adventure that comes with more questions than answers. At High Street Formulas, we don’t just make baby diaper cream and leave it at that. We want to help you be great parents, and that means providing useful resources as well as amazing products. Be sure to explore our blog for other helpful resources and grab a bottle of our baby diaper cream to see what makes us stand out above the crowd!