Finding That Piece of Calm

I always thought that being a full-time professional somehow gave me an edge to become a great mother. After all, I am used to taking on new responsibilities and dealing with difficult people. “How hard can motherhood be”, I told myself as I stared down the two lines on the pregnancy test stick, tears rolling down my cheeks.

Little did I know then that my body and my baby are going to be my new bosses. I was under a new regime. I am Emily and this is my journey from being a professional fashion designer to being a new mommy. No one really prepares you for the little challenges. I mean real practical solutions to real practical motherhood problems. You are swamped with general advice such as “you should drink enough water” and “sleep when the baby sleeps”. This is why I want to share my everyday successes and failures. Hopefully, I will be able to bestow some practical wisdom to new mothers such as myself.

Jen is now 3 months old and she is currently on a mixed diet of breast milk and formula. I am also mommy to a 2 year old Labrador, Ciro who demands no less affection and pampering. Having finally adjusted to the new life, mommy finally has some spare time to write a blog. More than anyone else, I needed to do this for myself as I was always part of something creative. Taking a break from chores and emergency nappy situations, typing away gives me that sense of calm. Maybe that’s something you can take back from this post. Find something that makes you happy, something that you can go back to after a hectic day.

As promised I will leave you with some practical motherhood advice. Back when I was a few months pregnant, I enrolled in a local pregnancy support group. I met some amazing women there. A few days back, I had a conversation with one of the gals from the group. She told me how her baby girl, Sophia was suffering from chronic bouts of nappy rashes. Her pediatrician told her to increase the frequency of diaper changes and apply a special ointment by High Street Formulas on the affected area.  She said the ointment worked miraculously well in controlling the rash. Even though Jen’s bum is rash-free, I thought it was a good idea to keep a tube handy. Super-mommies are always prepared. Ordered a diaper rash ointment tube from the website and will let you guys know when I receive the package.

In a bid to let things flow naturally, I talked about a lot of different things in this post. All my future posts will probably be a bit more structured. I will keep on posting everyday events and sharing stories. Hope you found this post helpful and it would be amazing if you can start a conversation in the comments below. I am excited to learn from all you mommies out there.