New Fitness Goals to Shed Pregnancy Weight

One of the most common discussions I have with other new mommies is about their experiences of bathing their babies. Every mother has a different bathing ritual for their babies and I try to learn something from everyone. One of my friends sterilizes one of her bathroom sinks and turns it into a makeshift baby tub. I really wish I thought of that before I bought a blue baby tub for Jen. Speaking of blue tubs, I really don’t understand why people insist on buying pinks for girls and blues for boys. Some things look better in blue and some look good in pink and there are other things which look great in green. In this case, I loved how the blue tub looked, even though I picked it up from the “for boys” section in the baby store. That’s right sweetie, mommy is a rebel.

I usually give Jen a proper bath every other day. I do, however, clean some part of her body every single day. Firstly, I use cotton pads, soaked in warm water, to clean her eyes. When I am cleaning her eyes, I prefer not using anything other than warm water and the sterilized cotton pads. This takes care of any residue or dirt that might be irritating her. I also clean up all the folds, nooks, and crannies of her body. You know, the places that get sticky. To clean these areas, I take a baby washcloth and soak it in a mixture of warm water and mild cleanser. I wipe these areas gently and leave them to air dry. I also wipe her face clean, which she seems to love. I almost always get rewarded with a smirk. Apart from that, every time she does the poo-poo or the pee-pee, her bottom gets cleaned and moisturized with a special diaper rash ceam.

One thing I have learned is that there is no multi-tasking when giving your baby a bath. It takes a lot of care and attention and you cannot risk being distracted by notifications, door bells, or anything else. It also goes without saying that under no circumstances can you leave your baby unattended in the tub. If it’s an emergency and you have to leave, then you need to carry your baby along. When I am bathing her, Jen loves thrashing the water with her legs. Her gleeful yet powerful kicks cause the baby tub to shake more than it should. Maybe there is little to no chance of the tub toppling over, but I am not taking chances. What I do is I gather all the bathing stuff around the tub before picking up Jen from her crib. When I start, everything is in easy-reach positions, including towels, cotton pads, soap, washcloths, a tube of diaper rash ointment, diapers, baby moisturizer, and a set of fresh clothes. I usually bathe her just before noon and she falls asleep almost immediately after the bath.

In other events, I have been attempting to lose my pregnancy weight. Before the pregnancy, my weight hovered around 125lbs. I weighed myself after a few days I got home from the hospital with Jen. It was 157lbs, I had gained 27lbs in less than a year.

More than three months later, I am still around 155 lbs. My biggest challenge has been consistency and motivation. I am still struggling to get myself to workout every day. Days when I feel really crappy about my weight I turn on YouTube on my TV and exercise to a follow-along video. However, I tend to always lose track after a couple of days. That’s the biggest hurdle right now. To change all that I need to put myself in a position where I have to workout every day. One of the positive changes I made is walking to the baby store whenever I need supplies. This assures a 3-mile-walk twice every week. I also figured sharing my fitness journey on my blog will help me track my progress and gather some motivation. No one likes to fail when everyone’s watching.

Apart from exercising daily, I really need to control my junk food addiction. Back when I was pregnant, I had a lot of sugary stuff and fried food. Being on a constant unhealthy diet, I ended up developing a taste for the bad stuff. I have already looked up a few nutrition plans online and I intend to start immediately. I will keep on sharing my fitness progress and a whole lot more baby-related stuff. If you liked my post, please start a conversation below.